Travel Tips for China

Posted on 26 December 2018 (0)

China is one of the best travel destinations in the world with plenty of attractions for both solo travelers and group tours. Travis and Dylan over at MT Gutters of San Antonio said once in a youtube interview that if you are planning a trip to China, below are some pointers to keep in mind for a smooth and remarkable adventure.

Be Very Keen When Shopping

China is a hub for all kinds of products and, it is easy to be duped if you are a visitor. Once you make a purchase, the item belongs to you. However, you should first check the particular product that you are buying to make sure it meets your expectations. Avoid products that sellers say will be delivered later after payment.

Some Tourist Attractions are overrated

Although China is a beautiful country with several tourist attractions, some are given so much unwarranted attention. In fact, the reality on the ground might not be what you expected. The most popular tourist attractions are often packed during mid morning and mid afternoon.

Learn a Few Words in Mandarin

Chinese people are generally friendly but, if you want a warm reception, try addressing the locals in Mandarin. As you speak with the locals, war a broad and warm smile.

Avoid Traveling To China during Their Official Holidays

The Chinese people are very proud and usually come out in huge numbers to honor their holidays. So, expect thousands at the tourist attractions during official Chinese holidays. So, be sure to check the dates for their holidays and plan your itinerary outside their holiday calendar to have a great adventure.

The Internet is censored in China

You will obviously want to use the internet and social media to share stories of your trip in China. Since the internet is censored, you will need to have a VPN in order to access sites like Facebook and blogs.

China is a great travel destination but, with certain restrictions that might make your trip a nightmare. To have the best time in China, it is advisable to first do a little research so you have an idea of what to expect.

Important Pregnancy Travel Tips

Posted on 13 July 2019 (0)

If you are pregnant and you intend to travel, you need to prepare in advance. Here are important pregnancy travel tips to guide you. 

Time the Trip Carefully 

The second trimester is the best time to travel when pregnant. You will feel tired and nauseated most of the time during your first trimester. And in the third trimester, you will be advised against traveling by your healthcare provider. But, if you have a healthy pregnancy, you can travel during the second trimester without hassles. 

Contact Your Cruise Line or Airline 

Check with the cruise line or airline that you intend to use to know whether it has special regulations or considerations for pregnant women. Some airlines have restrictions on when pregnant women can and can’t travel. Therefore, check with your cruise line or airline in advance. 

Choose Your Travel Destination Carefully 

A destination with a humid, hot climate may not be ideal for a hopped up metabolism. If you want to travel to a tropical destination, book an air conditioned hotel or transport. This will enable you to keep yourself hydrated. Also make sure that your health care provider know that you intend to travel to a high altitude location in order to advice you accordingly. 

Plan a Relaxing Trip 

One destination can beat a whirlwind tour during which you can visit up to six cities within six days. Basically, plan a trip that allows you to set your pace instead of going on a trip with a tour guide that is always rushing you. Alternate shopping, meetings, and sightseeing hours with hours for having your feet up. 

Get Insurance 

Sign up for adequate and reliable insurance to cover you in the event of pregnancy complications. With adequate insurance, you can get medical evacuation when traveling abroad. Medical travel insurance can also cater for your foreign health care. Nevertheless, check your insurance to know what exactly it covers. 

In addition to these tips, carry a pregnancy survival kit. Also know where to get quality medical attention at your travel destination if you need it. 

How Travel Boosts Creativity

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Apart from just having fun, visiting new places and making friends, traveling also allows you to learn a lot of things including new languages, hobbies as well as create lasting memories. But, the benefits do not just end there; scientists have recently established a strong connection between travel and creativity. Yes, studies reveal traveling more often can significantly boost your creative skills.

Traveling Enhances Your Cognitive Flexibility

Cognitive flexibility is the ability of the brain to smoothly switch between different sets of ideas that is crucial in creativity. When you are exposed to unique experiences, your depth of thought increases, thus, you will be able to easily navigate different kinds of situations. Interacting with the local communities more often when traveling abroad will boost your creativity even much further.

Adventures Teach You to Improvise

It is not always that your trips will go as planned. There are times when you will be faced with very difficult situations and have no one else to turn to but, yourself. While this is not what most people expect, it is a part of the experience with a lot to learn. Challenges and pressure are opportunities for you to widen your thinking and make realistic decisions. Sometimes, the decisions might not be the best but, you will learn how to be creative and survive different situations in life.

Travel Generates New Ideas

One of the surprises of traveling is that you get to see, hear and even do some of the things that you never even thought existed. When you travel a lot, you come into contact with new cultures, people, activities, landmarks, wildlife and technologies that will truly transform your view of the world and life. There are lots of fresh ideas that you can borrow from all these new experiences to improve your creativity.

Traveling is no doubt an excellent way to give your creative instincts a boost. So, waste no time; simply choose a destination and start planning for an adventure. It will truly nourish your mind, body and soul.

Travel and Leisure Tips

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The successful planning and execution of a trip is not usually a very easy thing. Even if you are savvy traveler, there are several things that you may not know when it comes to putting together a remarkable trip. Besides, several things can go wrong along the way. As such, it is important that you are enlightened on the various aspects of travel and leisure. Below, we discuss a few travel and leisure tips to keep in mind when planning your next trip.

Redefine Your Idea of Travel and Leisure

Many people often travel out of curiosity based on maybe things that they see on the media, read in travel guidebooks or the experiences of others. While there is nothing bad with that, it could limit your adventure. To get the most fulfilling experience, it is advisable to first determine the specific travel destinations, attractions and leisure activities that appeal to your personal desires.

Look For Unique Adventure

Indeed, there are endless options for travel and leisure across the world. When planning your itinerary, try to do a little research to find unique places and activities that can offer a different kind of experience from the ones you are used to. Instead of visiting the popular tourist attractions, go further into places that have not been fully explored. This could make your trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Take Time to Plan Every Excursion

Traveling usually comes with various unexpected experiences. So, always take time to visualize the trip beforehand. When developing a plan, consider all the possibilities and uncertainties that might arise along the way. After determining the likely challenges, make sure you also create alternatives or backup for convenience. The plan for your trip should provide a clear detail of how you will proceed through every stage of the journey. Although routines can still change along the way, a proper plan will always keep you in check.

There are no clear cut rules for travel and leisure but, putting the above tips into practice can guarantee a remarkable adventure.


Travel and Leisure Careers

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Travel and leisure is one of the most lucrative industries today, attracting a huge number of people. In fact, a career in travel and leisure can enable you have fun experiencing the world while also getting paid. And, there are many travel and leisure careers that you can choose from when seeking to venture into the industry. Below are some of the key travel and leisure jobs to consider.

Travel Agents

There are usually various kinds of travel agents. But, the main responsibility is to assist travelers in planning their trips and finding the best travel packages. As a travel agent, you can be hired by a tour company, resorts and hotels or even airlines to sell travel packages to clients.

Tour Guide

This is also another incredible travel and leisure career that you can choose. As the title suggests, your work is to guide or accompany travelers during excursions. As a tour guide, you will be required to have a better knowledge of different travel destinations as well as fun activities to keep travelers thrilled.


The job of a curator is to manage the activities in places like museums, recreational parks, arboretums, zoos, art galleries and other related tourist attractions. You may also be tasked with the acquisition of exhibition items and authorizing the sale or lease of items therein.

Chauffeur or Driver

Chauffeurs or drivers are essential to all kinds of travels. Apart from just moving travelers from airports to their hotels, you will also be tasked with transporting them to the various attractions that they would want to visit during their excursions.

Hotel Manager

Travelers always need accommodation facilities at their travel destinations. As a hotel manager, you will be responsible for making sure that clients staying at your facility have the best environment to enjoy their trip.

Apart from the above, there are several other travel and leisure careers that you can still opt for. Just like in other occupations, the entry requirements and remuneration for travel and leisure careers also vary from one to another.