Travel Tips for China

Posted on 26 December 2018 (0)

China is one of the best travel destinations in the world with plenty of attractions for both solo travelers and group tours. Travis and Dylan over at MT Gutters of San Antonio said once in a youtube interview that if you are planning a trip to China, below are some pointers to keep in mind for a smooth and remarkable adventure.

Be Very Keen When Shopping

China is a hub for all kinds of products and, it is easy to be duped if you are a visitor. Once you make a purchase, the item belongs to you. However, you should first check the particular product that you are buying to make sure it meets your expectations. Avoid products that sellers say will be delivered later after payment.

Some Tourist Attractions are overrated

Although China is a beautiful country with several tourist attractions, some are given so much unwarranted attention. In fact, the reality on the ground might not be what you expected. The most popular tourist attractions are often packed during mid morning and mid afternoon.

Learn a Few Words in Mandarin

Chinese people are generally friendly but, if you want a warm reception, try addressing the locals in Mandarin. As you speak with the locals, war a broad and warm smile.

Avoid Traveling To China during Their Official Holidays

The Chinese people are very proud and usually come out in huge numbers to honor their holidays. So, expect thousands at the tourist attractions during official Chinese holidays. So, be sure to check the dates for their holidays and plan your itinerary outside their holiday calendar to have a great adventure.

The Internet is censored in China

You will obviously want to use the internet and social media to share stories of your trip in China. Since the internet is censored, you will need to have a VPN in order to access sites like Facebook and blogs.

China is a great travel destination but, with certain restrictions that might make your trip a nightmare. To have the best time in China, it is advisable to first do a little research so you have an idea of what to expect.

Signs That You’ve Become a Seasoned Traveler

Posted on 19 July 2021 (0)

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Almost everybody wants to become a seasoned traveler. However, many people don’t achieve this goal for varied reasons. For instance, some people don’t travel due to budget constraints. Others lack time to travel because they have businesses and families that need their attention. However, some individuals become seasoned travelers without knowing it. Here are signs that you’ve already become a seasoned traveler.

Language is No Longer a Communication Barrier

Most people fear traveling because they don’t know how to talk to strangers. That’s why many individuals want to learn how to greet others in different languages when starting. But after some time, most travelers have no problems communicating with the people they meet along the way. Some can even talk about football and global politics in the languages of the people they meet.

People Are Always Asking You about Travel

Like with other things in life, you know that you’ve become a seasoned traveler when people ask you about travel. Maybe you’re not an indispensable local quiz team member. That’s because your brain is like a sponge with answers to random travel questions. At this point, know that you’re a seasoned traveler.

You’re an Expert in Travel Packing

If you have a mixture of compression bags, travel cubes, and other things some travelers lack, you’re already an expert in this field. That’s because you already have everything necessary to travel to any destination at any time. And your investment means you don’t struggle to pack what you need for any trip.

You Are Good in Travel Hacking

Travel is always in your brain. That means you’re constantly checking flight comparison sites and travel alerts. For this reason, you know how to make anybody’s travel experience better using the latest ticks and tricks. And this is among the reasons why people come to you for travel advice.

A seasoned traveler is somebody that can enjoy a travel experience at any time and destination. They are specialists that are always thinking about travel. If you’re that person, you’ve become a seasoned traveler.

Things to Know When Traveling to Dangerous Places

Posted on 17 December 2020 (0)

Although the world is filled with endless beautiful sights and sounds, some travel destinations are also riddled in unique events and situations that could make visiting them very dangerous. That is why travelers are advised to consider the safety of a destination before visiting. Despite the dangers, you can still have great adventures in those destinations if you know how to prepare for surprises on the road. Here’s what you should know when visiting dangerous places. 

Research about Your Destination 

There are various reasons why a destination can be listed as dangerous including high rates of crime, disease outbreaks, poor infrastructure, discriminatory laws against foreign travelers, civil unrest, and others. While travelers can adapt to some issues like poor infrastructure, other cases like disease outbreaks may be beyond your control. Therefore, you must know the particular reasons why the destination is dangerous to make informed decisions. 

Pan Your Routes Carefully 

Today, there are various ways to get to a destination. As such, you may find that the dangers only lie in given routes or a few specific areas. Depending on what you find out about the safety of your destination, create an itinerary that will enable you to stay out of the hotspots. Whatever you do, just make sure that your travel plans do not expose you to the prevailing risks. 

Have a Backup Plan 

Once a place has been listed dangerous, there are higher chances things may only get worse from there. That means you should expect even much greater danger than the existing one. As a result, you need to make proper preparations and, have a backup plan in case the situation degenerates during your visit. Create a plan for alternative travel routes, fun activities, and accommodation to be on the safe side. 

Although traveling to dangerous places often comes with a lot of fear and anxiety, it is also a great opportunity for you to be resourceful, improve on your confidence, and have fun. Instead of worrying about the risks, keep the above tips in mind, and stay positive.

Important Things to Do Whenever you Travel

Posted on 31 July 2020 (0)

Whether you’re new to traveling or a seasoned explorer of the world, you should do certain things to enjoy your overall experience. You don’t just need to locate a hot spot and pass by it. You should do specific things to enjoy your travel experience regardless of your destination. Here are some of the things to do whenever you travel to enhance your experience. 

Interact with the Locals 

It’s easy to be tempted to stay in your hotel room or resort throughout your stay. However, this won’t give you the best experience when you travel. Therefore, interact with the locals whenever you travel to enjoy the experience. However, make safety your priority as you do this. 

Locals can provide useful information that will enable you to engage in more fulfilling activities. For instance, local people can give you tips for a concierge for off-the-beaten-path suggestions. Therefore, talk to the locals to learn more about the best places to visit at your travel destination. 

Use Public Transport 

You won’t feel the scope of your travel destination without using public transport. Buses are especially better when you want to grasp the neighborhoods. Nevertheless, keep your open and carry a map. Also, take care of personal belongings throughout the trip. 

Visit the Local Markets 

Traveling provides a chance to purchase special items away from home. You just need to be careful to avoid buying fake products. Visiting reputable markets at your travel destination is a great way to get a memento of your trip. Therefore, don’t spend all of your time in a hotel or resort. Instead, venture out to the local market to grasp a memento. 

Record Your Travel Memories 

Take photos and keep a good diary. These are some of the things that will enable you to recap your travel experiences. They will enable you to look back and recall your trip. You can even share them with loved ones. This can even inspire your friends and relatives to travel. 

If you’re new to traveling, make sure that you do such things to make your trip the most unforgettable. 

How to Travel during a Name change

Posted on 29 March 2020 (0)

Most people often change their names after marriage. But, you may also want to change your name due to other reasons. Nevertheless, changing your last name could negatively impact your travel plans. To avoid any complications or surprises at the airport, the following are useful pointers for traveling during name change. 

Book Using Your Maiden Name 

Name changes do not usually happen overnight and, the process could take a few weeks to finalize. To avoid confusion during the screening of your travel documents, it is advisable to book using your maiden name. You should only book using your married name if the trip is scheduled for a few weeks or months after making the application for a name change. 

Get Travel Insurance 

Whenever you are in the process of changing your name, confusion can easily occur with names during booking. However, most airlines will not update names on tickets. Instead, they charge full fare for every ticket under a different name. Travel insurance will ensure that you are compensated for the wrong ticket. 

Plan your Trips Accordingly 

The rule of thumb for international travel is that the name on your passport should match that on the airline ticket. In the USA, it usually takes the State Department about 5 weeks to issue a new passport. So, make sure that your travel plan aligns with the times when you expect to have all the essential travel documents. 

Although the process of changing your name does not affect your travel experience, it could cause issues with your travel documents. If you must travel before the completion of the name change process, it is advisable to do bookings using your maiden name. You may also want to talk to a travel professional for more insights about your options for traveling during a name change. That will save you from a lot of surprises. 

Things to Do When Traveling While Sick

Posted on 29 November 2019 (0)

No one would wish to fall sick while on a trip. However, there are occasions when you have no option but to travel with an illness. You may have been well before traveling, only to be taken ill during your journey. 

Check Your Insurance before Traveling

If you don’t have travel insurance with medical cover, getting one is the first recommendation. This policy will help to cater for any possible emergencies that may arise. Out-of-pocket payments for medical services in foreign places may be very expensive.

Consult Your Consulate or Embassy

If your illness gets serious, it’s wise to get in touch with your embassy. You’ll get proper recommendations on the best health facilities from the embassy and consulate officers.

Start Medications Immediately

Once you have established that your health is not 100 percent, run to the nearest reputable hospital for medical attention. Taking action early will avoid further complications that might ruin your itinerary.

Mind Fellow Traveler’s Health

 A sick individual can become the source of suffering to many people, especially if the disease is communicable. Once you feel symptoms of such a disease, take action to protect your fellow travelers, by avoiding them coming into contact with your items and space.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure to take the recommended 8 glasses of water per day, to help take care of losses through sweating and diarrhea. Clean water helps to flush your system out and keep all membranes in good working condition.


When your body is tired, it minimizes the effectiveness of the basic mechanism to fight and restore good health. Therefore, observe that you get the 7-8 hours recommended by doctors.

Vitamin C Supplements

An increase in vitamin C can help to boost your body’s immune system. The daily recommended value for vitamin C is 500 mg, and you can easily find these tablets form local drug stores.

In nutshell, these suggestions will help you to cope with sickness while traveling. They will also enable you to prevent the spread of the infection to other people and enjoy your trip more.