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How to Travel during a Name change

Posted on 29 March 2020 by (0)

Most people often change their names after marriage. But, you may also want to change your name due to other reasons. Nevertheless, changing your last name could negatively impact your travel plans. To avoid any complications or surprises at the airport, the following are useful pointers for traveling during name change. 

Book Using Your Maiden Name 

Name changes do not usually happen overnight and, the process could take a few weeks to finalize. To avoid confusion during the screening of your travel documents, it is advisable to book using your maiden name. You should only book using your married name if the trip is scheduled for a few weeks or months after making the application for a name change. 

Get Travel Insurance 

Whenever you are in the process of changing your name, confusion can easily occur with names during booking. However, most airlines will not update names on tickets. Instead, they charge full fare for every ticket under a different name. Travel insurance will ensure that you are compensated for the wrong ticket. 

Plan your Trips Accordingly 

The rule of thumb for international travel is that the name on your passport should match that on the airline ticket. In the USA, it usually takes the State Department about 5 weeks to issue a new passport. So, make sure that your travel plan aligns with the times when you expect to have all the essential travel documents. 

Although the process of changing your name does not affect your travel experience, it could cause issues with your travel documents. If you must travel before the completion of the name change process, it is advisable to do bookings using your maiden name. You may also want to talk to a travel professional for more insights about your options for traveling during a name change. That will save you from a lot of surprises.