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Important Pregnancy Travel Tips

Posted on 13 July 2019 by (0)

If you are pregnant and you intend to travel, you need to prepare in advance. Here are important pregnancy travel tips to guide you. 

Time the Trip Carefully 

The second trimester is the best time to travel when pregnant. You will feel tired and nauseated most of the time during your first trimester. And in the third trimester, you will be advised against traveling by your healthcare provider. But, if you have a healthy pregnancy, you can travel during the second trimester without hassles. 

Contact Your Cruise Line or Airline 

Check with the cruise line or airline that you intend to use to know whether it has special regulations or considerations for pregnant women. Some airlines have restrictions on when pregnant women can and can’t travel. Therefore, check with your cruise line or airline in advance. 

Choose Your Travel Destination Carefully 

A destination with a humid, hot climate may not be ideal for a hopped up metabolism. If you want to travel to a tropical destination, book an air conditioned hotel or transport. This will enable you to keep yourself hydrated. Also make sure that your health care provider know that you intend to travel to a high altitude location in order to advice you accordingly. 

Plan a Relaxing Trip 

One destination can beat a whirlwind tour during which you can visit up to six cities within six days. Basically, plan a trip that allows you to set your pace instead of going on a trip with a tour guide that is always rushing you. Alternate shopping, meetings, and sightseeing hours with hours for having your feet up. 

Get Insurance 

Sign up for adequate and reliable insurance to cover you in the event of pregnancy complications. With adequate insurance, you can get medical evacuation when traveling abroad. Medical travel insurance can also cater for your foreign health care. Nevertheless, check your insurance to know what exactly it covers. 

In addition to these tips, carry a pregnancy survival kit. Also know where to get quality medical attention at your travel destination if you need it.